I am Kay, a UI/UX designer

from San Francisco, CA.

I like creating things from the ground up.

My passion is to create simple and

delighful experience for users.

Kathmandu Casino

Kathmandu Casino is based on a popular nine-card Nepali card game. I created the entire game including design assets, UI/UX and game play.

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Helix Android App

Helix is an app that allows consolidation of multiple credit/debit cards, gift cards and loyalty cards. I was reponsible for designing its android app.

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SmartPay Dashboard

SmartPay's dashboard tracks sales transactions, provides marketing collateral and video traning to its vendors who sign up. I was responsible for redesigning the dashboard and sign-up flow.

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Blind Munichies Website

Blind Munchies is a cafe in Menomonie, WI. I worked on redesigning their website and making it responsive.

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