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Product : Kathmandu Casino


Role : UI/UX/Systems Design

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What and How To Play

Kathmandu Casino is a mobile card game based on a very popular Nepali card game. Nine cards are dealt to each player. Every player has to arrange a set of three best hands out of those nine cards. The player who wins either two consecutive hands or three consecutive hands wins the pot. If no player wins two consecutive hands then a draw is declared. The game continues with contribution from each player until someone wins.


Most mobile games usually have the same goal and that is to make money, but my goal for the first version is to increase my user base, track user behavior and eventually monetize the game.


Kathmandu Casino's main audience are people living in Nepal and all Nepalese living abroad.


Mobile game was a new industry for me, so I conducted extensive competitive research to learn what my competitors were offering to their users and conducted user interviews to learn what my core users would like in the game.

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Game Flow

Before jumping into wireframes, I created game flow to help me plan and outline all the outcomes of the game. In order to increase my user base, I decided on giving all my new users free tokens to start with and daily bonuses so that it increases my DAU (daily active users).

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User Experience

The audience for Kathmandu Casino is wide, thus the UX must be simple and easy to understand.

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User Interface

The platform for Kathmandu Casino is minimalistic and upbeat. I tested different color schemes and layouts with my focus group to find out which one worked best for the users.The feedback from the focus group helped me finalize my mockups.

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The four circular buttons were placed on the side of the screen for ease of use for users as they would be more accessible to tap with thumbs when holding the phone in landscape mode.

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Game Preview

Here is a preview of the game. Please feel free to comment and rate the game on Google Play Store or iTunes Store. Enjoy!

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